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Coast to Coast

Posted by Dan on August 26, 2008

It’s time to push the ball up the court as we go coast to coast with the stories from around the league.

  • The LA Times is reporting that the Lakers have officially signed Chinese guard Sun Yue to a multi-year deal.  Some good things were said about Yue’s game at the Olympics but I don’t expect him to be a big contributor right away.  Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar are major roadblocks.
  • More Lakers info: the team expects to find out soon when Kobe Bryant will undergo surgery on his injured right pinkie.  Sure didn’t seem to bother him when he carried the US down the stretch against Spain.
  • The Arizona Republic is reporting that the Suns have traded D.J. Strawberry to the Rockets for rookie point guard Sean Singletary.  Not only does this save the Suns some money but it also gives them a backup guard that is not a bad defender.
  • Howard Beck of the New York Times points out the rule changes that will be instituted by FIBA prior to the World Championships in 2010.  The lane will be changed from the trapezoid to the rectangle and the 3-point line will be moved back closer to NBA distance.  Kudos to the NBA and FIBA working together on this.  If you’re going to have a game that is global, the game should remain similar despite the location of the court.
  • SLAM Online reminds us that the NBA will be back in Beijing soon.
  • The Oklahoman reports that the Oklahoma City TBD franchise has made several front office hires.
  • Perhaps no NBA player put on a greater show at the Olympics than Dwayne Wade.  And I love the line he gave to the Miami Herald: ”I’ve seen a bronze medal before, and it looks nothing like a gold.”
  • The Detroit Free Press explains the situation of Lindsey Hunter and how he may not be back with the Pistons for this year.  An FBI investigation into a real estate scam will do that to you.
  • The Bleacher Report analyzes Jason Kidd’s past and future and explains how he can still be an impact player for the Mavs.  I have to point out how he is well past his prime and that the championship window for Dallas has been closed shut.
  • The Houston Chronicle reports that the city of Houston has been receptive to the arrival of Ron Artest.  Why not?  Despite his questionable character, the Rockets are now legit title contenders.  Especially if Tracy McGrady plays at the level he did last year.  Yes Ron Artest is that good and can have that type of impact.  Of course he is still Ron Artest and is always capable of self destructing.

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